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Women for Election Australia (WFEA) is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan, issue-neutral organisation providing political campaign-training programs. Inspired by Women for Election Ireland WFEA’s programs are designed specifically to build women’s confidence, provide information about political campaigning and explore opportunities to advance women’s careers in public or community service.

Our vision is of an Australia with balanced participation of women and men in political life. We are driven by our belief that enriching the diversity of voices at all levels of government will lead to more robust decisions, and help create a fairer, more inclusive and dynamic society, better equipped to tackle future challenges.

Our mission is to provide the very best training in Australia for women who are interested in entering public life, who are considering running for office and/or who want to move up the ladder to higher elective office.

Our Programs

Our four programs are delivered by expert practitioners and cover all aspects of political campaigns, including building committed campaign teams, effective planning and administration, fundraising and budgeting, message development, presentation skills and managing the media.

  1. INSPIRE: This entry level one-day workshop is for women considering a career in politics or community service
  2. EQUIP: Our intensive 3 day workshop provides women with the tools and techniques necessary to get elected
  3. INFORM: Engages young women in universities and in the community, informing them of the benefits of becoming more politically active
  4. SUSTAIN: Provides a non-political, confidential and safe meeting place for women already engaged in public life, particularly in male-dominated environments

What makes our training stand out from other educational opportunities?

  • Our unique curriculum is designed by and for women, to address the particular cultural challenges faced by women in Australia
  • We engage the top consultants from the major political parties to teach at our programs
  • We provide unique networking opportunities for like-minded individuals
  • Our focus is on common needs and experiences as political women, not our differences as political partisans.

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