“WITEM drives action. It is about outcomes. It focuses on defining career paths, encouraging flexibility and influencing middle management to demonstrate and support diversity.” Joe Kremer, Vice President & Managing Director, DELL

“The mentees in Dell Australia’s Women in IT Executive Mentoring program are regularly surveyed and continue to report increased self confidence and self esteem; increased access and visibility to senior executives; accelerated career development with numerous mentees in each program receiving promotions.” Anna McPhee, Director, EOWA

“The most significant benefit I gained from taking part in the WITEM mentoring program was a new found self belief and confidence that I could be an effective manager and leader.” WITEM Mentee

“I would like to thank you all for the opportunity of being involved in such a great program. I would highly recommend the program to all my fellow senior IT women.” WITEM mentee

“My organisation has reaped the rewards of my growth during this program. I have increased confidence which has resulted in an increased performance in the workplace.” WITEM mentee

“The greatest benefit of this program has been revitalised energy for dealing with issues being faced. Also, exposure to good ideas that will be of benefit to my organisation.” WITEM mentee

“I have learned so much which has enabled me to grow in understanding of myself and to be able to act more effectively and authentically. I think I am starting to make choices and to try and make things happen that I want rather than just go with the flow and let things happen.” WITEM mentee



“It’s great to be able to learn from so many women in a position of leadership – this is something that I don’t get exposed to in my current position as I report to men. I was starting to feel quite jaded in my current role due to this lack of female role models, however I have found my experiences in WITEM have given me new inspiration.”


“My mentor has provided me with extra strategies and tools to handle common (and not-so-common) problems I have a better appreciation of which issues all CIOs face, and which ones are unique to my agency, my personality or my team. I am better in my job than I was before.”CIO mentee

“I feel more confident in myself and about what I do since joining the SAMP.”CIO mentee

“Because of the program, I’ve learned a lot about myself, how I react in certain situations and I’ve gained clarity on my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve acquired additional strategies for handling problems at work. Through my fellow mentees I’ve learned that life further up the ladder is quite tough and that networking is very important.” CIO mentee

“I’d like to think that as a result of my participation in this program, my department and future employers now have a person who is capable, able and willing to take up new opportunities and challenges.” CIO mentee


“One reason this approach is so amazing is that its members have very diverse expertise (PR, HR, Law, Consulting, public sector). I feel I have my own personal board of directors to alert me to risks and suggest strategies.”
Gloria Farler, Executive Director Strategic Marketing Analysis, Telstra

“It’s so rare to be able to talk to other woman at the same level in organisations. It’s truly a valuable proposition for someone who feels like they have always been the ‘only woman in the room’. I feel like I have been blessed with an instant network that is there to encourage and help me, as much as I will help and encourage them in every way that I can… My organisation is getting a much more well-rounded leader (no training course can teach the experience that’s in our monthly sessions!).”
Debbie Lotz, GM Investment banking, Institutional Banking and Markets, CBA



“I received a promotion which I would not have achieved without the program and my mentor. I really benefitted from my increased awareness of career options open to me at Macquarie.” Mentee

“It gave me confidence about how to raise issues of remuneration and promotion with my senior directors (and I got promoted as a result).” Mentee

“I appreciated the ability to get an independent view on work / career issues through the mentoring.S imply having the opportunity to pick the brains of someone with the level of experience and credibility of my mentor was fantastic.” Mentee

“The mentee review sessions have encouraged me to seek out and read more material about women in the workplace and join a couple of women’s network groups (FITT and Business Chicks) which have expanded my horizons and learning.” Mentee

“It was great having such personal exposure and one-on-one time with a senior member of Macquarie management and have them share their views and give some valuable tips and advice.” Mentee


“We appreciate the assistance you and your team have given us in rolling out the [email protected] program this year. This is an important program for the business and we are pleased with the results we have been getting. Thank you for your commitment and energy in working with us to make this program happen.” QANTAS GGM, Organisation Effectiveness & Management Development

“My mentor has provided me with a wealth of her industry knowledge; the benefit of her perspective (always balanced and considered – incredibly helpful) and a simple knowledge that others have experienced similar pressures; stresses and doubts as I have/do/will. This has given me confidence not to doubt myself. I feel I am respected and valued by my mentor and Qantas.” QANTAS mentee


“Jenny Morris has been an inspirational leader in the design and delivery of programs which are focussed on the development of leadership skills and employee retention. Jenny produced some outstanding programs for me at Compaq Computer Australia, and then Hewlett Packard Australia. Her programs generated tangible outcomes in terms of the growth and development of women at all levels of the organisations. The success of Jenny’s mentoring programs were recognised when they were subsequently rolled out throughout the Asia Pacific region. If leadership and talent retention are issues for your organisation then I have no hesitation in endorsing Jenny Morris as someone who can make a difference.”
November 7, 2007 John Hannelly Former Director HR, Hewlett Packard

“On behalf of Hewlett-Packard, I would like to express my great appreciation for the work undertaken by Orijen Consulting. Orijen has developed and implemented mentoring programs for HP women in Australia and across Asia Pacific.The feedback from our mentees is consistently outstanding. They have valued the opportunity provided by Orijen and HP to have an external mentor and appreciated the quality of the mentors sourced by Orijen. Our feedback data suggests that we have retained many high-potential women because of our investment in this mentoring program. The business value of the programs led by Orijen is recognised at our executive levels.

Orijen has always shown the highest degree of professionalism and commitment to excellence. We have also valued the feedback about our culture and processes based on their understanding of the particular challenges facing women in HP.”
Katie Spearritt, Global Diversity Manager, Hewlett Packard



“Jenny Morris provided support and guidance to me and others as part of an innovative mentoring programme for CEOs. She has deep understanding of the issues involved and complements this with excellent people/listening skills, giving support in a non-intrusive way. She also provides an excellent structure and process to her work. Jenny’s personal style and her well designed approach are second to none.” Denise Aldous, Non Executive Director

“I am enjoying this program immensely and have already gained more than I thought I would over the entire 12 months. It has already had a seismic impact on the way I work and its impact on my professional growth and my organisation’s sustainability and success will be profound. It has exceeded my most sanguine expectations Non Profit Australia (and Orijen) should take great pride in the great opportunities they are providing to NGOs and those who lead and manage them.” Warren Johnson, Non Profit Australia mentee


“This program has been a major contributing factor to my success and personal growth this year. I have a terrific Mentor who I admire and trust. I look forward to our time each month and value the time she makes for me. In the last 4 months she has been a key factor to my achievements. She makes me feel that she has confidence in my ability and provides that extra support, drive & guidance just when I need it. I am very grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Orijen for matching me with a wonderful mentor!” Denise Murray, Sassall Aluminium, mentee

“As a mentor I really enjoy meeting other women in the industry and connecting with them. Professionally it challenges my management and leadership skills as I need to step back and work with each individual mentee to allow them to work through situations to find solutions, yet also be a conduit for information and source of options, ideas and strategies. In this way I feel my own personal development occurring and I get such a joy when I see my involvement is making a difference for my mentee.” Christina Hobbes, Stockland, mentor

“The Constructive Mentoring program has been a good forum to discuss ideas and issues in relation to the direction of my career and the profession. I was able to discuss and develop ideas with people who are at a similar stage career-wise and others who have experienced similar situations and they have offered great advice and insight. Personally this helped me develop skills to handle and manage my own expectations of my career. Most importantly, through participating in this program I have learned what I am capable of, and what I can do to keep learning.

For women in the building, design and construction industry I think this program is crucial to provide the opportunity to discuss and address important career management skills.” Ali Stynes, Tanner Architects, mentee