We understand advancement barriers facing women and how to develop programs that can create change. Based on our extensive research and experience working with many talented women, we have developed a suite of professional development programs that focus on building effective personal leadership capabilities that help lead to career advancement and life fulfillment.

How it works

Our gender specific training programs help participants to:

  • Build confidence as leaders
  • Advance within their organisation
  • Negotiate effectively with managers, peers and other stakeholders
  • Develop strategic career plans
  • Fulfil their leadership potential

Our non-gender specific workshops for leaders and managers who are committed to building diverse and inclusive workplaces help to:

  • Identify the impediments to women’s advancement
  • Recognise the unconscious bias and systemic factors that discriminate against women
  • Develop sustainable interventions that facilitate women’s advancement
  • Identify and redesign discriminatory work practices

The benefits

Your organisation will:

  1. Become an employer of choice for women
  2. Increase the number of senior women executives and leaders
  3. Retain and advance women employees
  4. Develop more robust decision making and leadership

“This program has been a major contributing factor to my success and personal growth this year.” – Denise Murray, Sassall Aluminium.

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We run a number of training programs that respond to the challenges faced by women on their leadership journey. We actively encourage interaction, allowing attendees to connect deeply and purposefully and building a culture of women supporting women.

Listed below are some of the training programs we run. For more information or to request a tailored training program, please contact us.

Understanding bias

This training provides participants with an understanding of the nature of bias, its impact on the workplace and psychological insights into how their own behaviours might be influenced by bias and how to eliminate this influence. Suitable for teams of all types, it has been designed to help people at all levels including operational managers and staff, HR managers and trainers and senior executives and business leaders.

Negotiating and influencing

As lives have become increasingly complex and business structures continue rapid change, negotiating skills have become a necessity. This workshop examines negotiation through the lens of gender and is geared to the challenges women face. Participants will examine the differences between women and men in their propensity to negotiate and their very distinct preferred negotiating styles. They will learn how to get in touch with what they want, discover ways to negotiate for it, and develop ways to help others get what they need with this straightforward, collaborative method.

Career resilience for women

This workshop enables women to maximise their career potential through assistance in identifying their long-term career goals and core strengths, highlighting potential career pitfalls and providing strategies and techniques for ensuring career resilience and succeses. This workshop ensures women have the insight, skills and confidence to operate in ways that will assist with career success, exposing the blind spots that women can have in relation to career success  and assisting women in building their professional network.

Authentic leadership

For many aspiring women leaders in Australia, there are few successful female role-models. This program assists women in developing an authentic leadership style which is true to their core values and beliefs and enables them to lead through personal conviction, and gain power beyond their formal authority. Participants will examine their personal value propositions, assess their strengths and identify their leadership style. Questions and practice sessions will focus on leadership challenges drawn from participants’ experience. Participants will leave this session empowered to be authentic leaders.

Mentoring and coaching skills for the workplace

We help our clients to train leaders within their organisation to become more effective mentors and provide our expertise on how to set up effective, well structured and high impact internal ‘mentoring programs’. Our coaching and mentoring skills training programs are tailored to the different levels of seniority, professions and organisational contexts. Each program teaches the fundamental skills, however the scenarios and case-studies are developed to reflect the organisation’s culture and needs.

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