Structured mentoring programs

The Orijen Group provides corporate and executive mentoring programs that are specifically designed to build leadership capabilities within your organisation or professional association.

The benefits

Our experience shows us that there are many positive outcomes from running an Orijen structured mentoring program. The programs help create:

  • A diverse and inclusive workplace
  • An environment that nurtures and develops talent
  • A positive and proactive workforce

Orijen’s structured mentoring programs have proven results.

“I received a promotion which I would not have achieved without the program and my mentor. I really benefitted from my increased awareness of career options open to me.” Mentee

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How it works

The team at Orijen will work closely with you to understand your organisation’s particular needs and create a carefully tailored mentoring program. We’ll help you:

  • Align the program with your strategic business goals.
  • Define key objectives and your desired outcomes.
  • Identify which individuals will benefit most from the program.
  • Assess and select appropriate mentors within your organisation.
  • Provide initial and on-going training for all mentors.
  • Facilitate individual and group assessment and feedback sessions.
  • Provide on-going monitoring and evaluation of the program.

We have a proven track record for excellence in mentoring that is based on our flexible approach, careful needs analysis, diligent management and considered aftercare.

Current Structured Mentoring Programs

We are experienced in delivering a variety of structured mentoring programs within different organisations. These include:

Corporate Mentoring programs

  • Executive mentoring
  • Women’s mentoring
  • Graduate mentoring
  • Mentoring talent

Mentoring circles

  • Facilitated peer mentoring
  • Future women leaders mentoring

Please contact us to discuss your needs, and to tailor a mentoring program to your organisation.