Executive Women’s Business Future Leaders Program

The Executive Women’s Business Future Leaders Program is a female talent retention program that enables organisations to build a strong and sustainable pipeline of female executive talent.

The program provides women with direct access to a powerful network of key decision makers as well as current and future women leaders, with the aim of increasing the number of women at senior levels of business and government.

How it works

It starts by bringing together intelligent, like-minded women who face similar challenges and who have a common goal: to reach their full potential.

Participants join a confidential space, a Success Circle, led by a chairwoman who has triumphed in a male-dominated environment and understands how to ‘work in the system’ without compromising integrity.

Limited to ten members, Success Circles will meet for ten, three hour, monthly sessions. These meetings feature frank and fearless advice on business critical issues and building sustainable and meaningful networks with current and future female leaders.

The benefits

Through experiences in our Success Circles, participants can:

  • Add real value to their own organisation’s performance and profitability
  • Stay on top of information critical to the long-term success of their organisation
  • Become a more effective, confident and authentic leader
  • Pick up practical strategies they can apply to their unique leadership style
Orijen’s Executive Women’s Business Future Leaders Program has proven results.

Tell me more

The Future Leaders Program is designed to provide high-value, effective executive peer mentoring through a number of different meeting structures. In addition to Success Circles, these include:

  • One-on-one assessment and coaching: Taking part in a  two hour session with an executive coach with the opportunity to reflect on personal and professional achievements and aspirations. This session also enables us to direct the participant into the Success Circle that best fits their business and personal profile.Please note: We ensure that no members of a Success Circle are professional competitors or pose a conflict of interest.
  • Guest speakers and business leader fireside chats: Our guest speakers, both male and female, come from public and private sector organisations and will provide insights into their leadership experience and diverse perspectives. These sessions offer opportunities for new ways of thinking and provide insight into workable strategies and tools from influential leaders.
  • Alumni Networking Forums: By joining Executive Women’s Business Alumni, there is access to ongoing networking and mentoring opportunities. Regional forums provide even wider networking opportunities across different Success Circles and further exposure to business and thought leaders.

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