Konnector is an innovative e-mentoring technology that enables all your workers to share their accumulated knowledge and get the coaching and support they need to reach their goals.

How it works

The Konnector software dramatically reduces the time required to match, administrate and maintain mentoring programs. By indentifying up to six ‘best fit’ matches, the coordinator can easily select a preferred mentor. Konnector also lets you manage program milestones, monitors effectiveness, and provides comprehensive compliance reporting.

How to use Konnector

Using Konnector helps your organisation to ensure long-term solutions for:

  • Leadership and talent management
  • Knowledge retention, transfer and sharing
  • Support for new hires, graduates and those re-entering the workforce
  • Smooth transition to retirement

The technology lets you target specific groups within your organisation, such as women, graduates or minority groups, and covers all employees, both past and present. It enables you to engage remote workers in your mentoring programs and allows users to participate at a time that suits their work and life pattern.

The benefits

Benefits of using Konnector include:

  • Time and cost savings: Reduces the resources required to run your mentoring program.
  • Bespoke matching: Configure your own weighted and priority criteria, and then use your personal judgement to make the final choice.
  • Self-selection: Mentors and mentees can search for their own match, or be matched by an administrator.
  • Useful resources: A huge range of tools and support materials available to help keep participants engaged.
  • Open: An integrated database creates connections at all levels, regardless of organisational structures and hierarchies.
  • Flexibility: Continue mentoring programs regardless of staffing changes.
  • Easy tracking: Administrators can access reports and monitor progress without breaching participant confidentiality.
  • E-learning: Online training modules enable easy induction of both mentors and mentees.
  • Skills gap identification: Identifies gaps in expertise, allowing additional modules to be developed to address specific needs.

Ongoing Konnector technical support is available from Orijen at cost-effective licence cost.