About Us

At Orijen, we’ve built a reputation for delivering intelligent, engaging, bespoke professional mentoring programs to suit your organisation.

We deliver mentoring programs with three core aims:

  • Retaining and nurturing existing talent
  • Encouraging a culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Empowering women leaders

We have an organisation-centered approach

When introducing a mentoring program to your organisation, we’ll work with you to:

  • Understand your strategic business goals.
  • Define key objectives and desired outcomes for the program.
  • Identify the individuals who will most benefit from mentoring.
  • Assist with the selection of appropriate mentors within your organisation.
  • Train your organisation’s mentors with ongoing support.
  • Facilitate individual and group feedback sessions.
  • Provide careful monitoring and evaluation throughout the program.

We’ve helped hundreds of organisations and corporations within the professional and public sectors to implement effective mentoring programs with outstanding results.

We offer services to suit your needs

With a wide range of mentoring, coaching and training services for both individuals and organisations, The Orijen Group can offer services across many locations.  We run services across Australia in all capital cities and across the Asia-Pacific region in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Auckland.

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