Women in IT Executive Mentoring (WITEM)

Joe Kremer, Managing Director Dell Asia-Pacific, Jenny Morris and Nicole Gemmell (Dell)

Joe Kremer, MD Dell, with The Orijen team Leonie-Ruth Acland, Jenny Morris and Norm Hams

Launch of the WITEM Coaching Circles program in Canberra 2012

WITEM builds cross-organisational mentoring partnerships between CEOs, CIOs and women working in the ICT industry who have been identified as capable of taking the next step into executive ranks. 16 programs have been launched nationally, 7 of which are in the Australian Public Service.

In June 2014, Joe Kremer, who initiated the program in 2007, addressed the 20 new mentoring partnerships in Canberra for the launch of 15th and 16th programs.

In recognition of its impact on women in ICT, WITEM won the“Outstanding Initiative/Result for the Advancement of Women” at the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA) 2008 Business Achievement Awards.

WITEM Coaching Circles

The 2014  WITEM Coaching Circles kicks off in August, with 120 EL1 women participating. This is the third program, having been piloted in 2012, and repeated in 2013. 172 women in ICT who had been identified by their CIOs as having high value and high potential have participated in the program.  The program is interactive and collegiate and aims to enhance career management, increase skills, develop resilience and build strong, supportive networks for women in the Australian Capital Territory. The facilitated circles meet monthly and include experiential leadership coaching modules.

WITEM Extend

WITEM Extend is an Australian Public Service program. Using the WITEM model and methodology, mentees from WITEM became mentors to female talent further down the pipeline.

Smaller Agency Mentoring Program

In 2006, the Chief Information Officer Committee acknowledged the success of WITEM and agreed for the Australian Public Service to pursue involvement in a Canberra-based Smaller Agency Mentoring Program, involving CIOs from smaller agencies being mentored by a CIO from larger government departments.

Client Testimonials

“The most significant benefit I gained from taking part in the WITEM mentoring program was a new found self belief and confidence that I could be an effective manager and leader.” WITEM Mentee

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